Avango Couriers Starts New Business Phase

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In uncertain times, it's a brave move to expand your business when all around are closing theirs.

As the world comes to a halt due to COVID-19, here at Avango Couriers we decided to push ahead with the next phase of our plans for the business.

It’s been a long road (excuse the pun) to get here. We started out in 2014, but being a courier is a tough and competitive industry to be in. There are lots of us.

Like the business books all advise – if you’re going to do something, figure out if you can do it better or cheaper. We went with ‘better’. We believed that there was a place for couriers that actually still care about the customer. So we built our business on making sure we took care of the people we delivered for.

It wasn’t always reciprocated though, and we’ve had more that our fair share of customers fail to pay. This has held back to growth of Avango, but it’s never actually finished us off.

2020 – A turbulent year so far, but an opportunity for a brave business

Let’s be honest. Nobody saw this coming, and few are well prepared to deal with it. But it’s in moments like this that, as some businesses close, others seize the opportunity to grow. That’s our plan.

We’ve now launched this brand new website that you’re visiting today. We realised that our main website was growing and becoming weighed down with information, so we’ve launched a selection of lighter, faster sites dedicated to regions around the UK. This site is specialised in bringing delivery information to businesses needing Manchester Courier Services. Whilst we also created similar sites for Birmingham and London.

Only time will tell how much success we really gain from this, but we’re always hopeful. One way you can help is to contact us if your business needs goods delivered. Let us put a quote together for you. Just call 0161 667 1502 or use the delivery quote request form on the homepage.